Spring Cleaning, Decluttering & Home Inventory – Why Not?

Do you have a closet, garage, or even a house that looks like this? Believe us, Expert Owls has seen it all! Spring cleaning time is here, come see why we are the organizing specialists ready to help you tackle that downsizing, rightsizing, or thrive-in-place plan!

Spring is here! And whether you’re considering rightsizing, downsizing, relocating, modifying, or planning to thrive-in-place, Expert Owls has the solutions to meet your specific goals and ease your transition.

When winter gives way to spring and snow melts into spring showers (or in Southern California chilly turns to pleasant!) it must mean spring cleaning is on the horizon. And since you’re going to be picking up items throughout the house to clean behind or under, why not do a little decluttering and a home inventory at the same time? If you’re thinking “hey I’ve got enough on my hands with the cleaning!” just give us a call and help is on the way, after all it’s what Expert Owls does!

Why a home inventory? An organized list of your possessions help you expedite insurance claims after theft, damage or loss providing both peace of mind and a historic record that will live on. Expert Owls has a variety of home inventory options for you including personalized content creation for items (such as providing videos describing an objects history to record cherished family heirlooms), that can be uniquely combined for most any inventory need.

Spring cleaning can also start a decluttering journey to positively impact your overall health, happiness and well-being. Forever trying to find lost items, stacks of paperwork waiting to be gone through, an overstuffed closet with unworn or unwanted clothing, everyone experiences the negative effects of clutter in their lives. Spring is a great time for looking around your home and seeing if there’s anything ruining your positivity, the flow of your room, or just not being used any more. When you find them – declutter them! Expert Owls can help you gift, donate, or sell those items through our Etsy Store – you can see how we’ve helped other clients!

We know spring cleaning is a big enough job on its own, you worry about the cleaning and let Expert Owls take care of the rest! For more information contact us at 805-222-6429 or jason@expertowls.com and let us help you leave spring with a cleaner decluttered space and the peace of mind an updated home inventory gives you. 

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