Covid-19:  Our Commitment to Keeping You Safe

As service providers that work inside your home, helping you and your family during this pandemic, we believe it is important to explain what we are doing to keep you safe. As COVID-19 continues, we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our clients and employees. We have created and trained our staff in safety protocols that follow the CDC recommended guidelines adapting our processes, policies and procedures as needed to keep you safe.

 Measures taken to protect our clients:

  •  All employees will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer when they arrive, throughout the day, and every time they leave or return to the worksite
  • All areas repeatedly touched by employees (door handles, power switches) will be wiped down at the end of our work day for your safety
  • Protective covering (face masks, shoe coverings and gloves) will be worn by employees while on site
  • Supplies for your move (cardboard boxes, moving paper, tape handles) will be new and specifically purchased for your project. After unpacking all materials will be disposed of and recycled by us
  • Constant monitoring of updated CDC COVID-19 guideline recommendations and continued implementation of all updated sanitary policies as issued by the CDCā€™s suggested hygiene practices
  • Any employee feeling under the weather is required to report so immediately and stay home. There are no exceptions to this rule