Downsizing rewards at the finish, but tries at the start. Let Expert Owls curate your downsize for your new beginning.

The option to downsize can come by choice, or necessity. Either option often involves deep emotional decision making, that is only made more stressful if on a tight timeline. Expert Owls is here to help you with this process.

Expert Owls provides basic problem solving for downsizing, including precise floor planning to ensure all of your furniture and belongings will fit in your new space if you are physically moving. But we also specialize in fun and unique downsizing solutions for those staying in place including our Downsizing Events and Parties.

Overall Expert Owls helps you navigate what it means to downsize for you. If you are moving to a new, smaller home, we will help you decide what to take, as well as create a unique and personal floorplan for you that optimizes creative space solutions. Or, if your plans are to downsize your possessions within your current home, we will help you sort and organize your priceless items, and direct you to choices ranging from estate sale, holding a Downsize Party, or donating for a cause. Our Owls will always provide personalized solutions for your unique Downsize situation.

However big your home to start or small to finish, we will navigate your downsize for you; and always keep YOU at the forefront.

Contact us for a free consultation or for more information.