Big or small, fine or vintage, we sell the things you want sold. Expert Owls knows the ins-and-outs of estate sales, auctions, online sale, specialty sales and buy-outs. We also pride ourselves on identifying options that combine the direct exchange of sales with a meaningful exchange including donations for a cause and family and friend giving parties that highlight family history and legacy.

Our Estate Sale Owls are Experts in everything Fine Art, Design, Collectibles, Rarities and more and we are here to help you conscientiously sell your belongings, or those from your family. Whether your items are auction sale standouts, or simply ‘priceless’ objects to you, we will help you through the decision making process through to the final sale.

Our Expert Owls love to create personalized sales and giving opportunities for our clients – including organizing fun parties that incorporate family and legacy with the cathartic process of clearing out ones’ home. We also provide direct sources for buying out specific art, collections or high value items. We navigate online auctions and secondary sales outlets that further the sales options for every one of our clients. Let Expert Owls guide you to a personalized sales solution.

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