Moving is tough. Let Expert Owls manage your move for you; from sorting to packing; donating or selling, we got you.

Expert Owls finds solutions and solves problems for your specialized moving needs. If you are moving a close family member, or yourself, trust that we have been there. Moves are often trying and emotional transitions in ones life, and the Expert Owls are here to navigate the many details and seemingly roller coaster moments.

Big or small, first move or last move or something in between. Let Expert Owls help you navigate your next move with ease

Expert Owls provides an ‘all-in-one’ place to help you with your move. We provide move management services including, but not limited to:

  • Sorting and packing including helping you decide what things are best to take versus donate, sell or discard;
  • Hiring and managing professional movers and any required specialty movers;
  • Haul away and clear out services, including the greenest options possible for recycling materials and ewaste.
  • Estate sales and other personalized sales options;
  • Family and friend giving parties and more.

    Just ask. Our Expert Owls will precisely and personally guide you through next move.

Contact us for a free consultation or for more information.